Volante not only enabled us to scale the daunting data mountain but modernise our processes at the same time.

From day one:

Creating software enabling business agility in financial message and data Integration

Volante Technologies was founded in 2001 by a team of messaging experts who saw the opportunity to reduce work, time and costs of financial institutions by automating the integration of financial data (such as SWIFT messages), to and from back-office systems and market data pouring into trading platforms.

Together they developed and launched Volante Designer, a software development tool that not only revolutionised financial data integration, but provided on-going benefits in data oversight.

Since 2001, Volante Designer has been adopted by a growing number of financial institutions around the world. Volante Designer is also used by leading vendors, global service providers and utilities to facilitate seamless movement of data from sources to destinations, as well as serving as the integration ‘glue’ to build stable and efficient message flow. More recently Volante launched the VolPay suite of payment applications which are entirely focussed on enabling true business agility in many critical areas in payments including: customer on-boarding, integration, processing and orchestration.

Volante is a privately held firm, headquartered in New York City with offices in London, New Jersey, Dubai, Mexico City, Chennai and Hyderabad.