Working with Volante we have reduced our operational risk, improved service levels, can respond to customers quicker all of which has helped improve our reputation and build our profile.

We start every client engagement by identifying the communication centric and business challenge the firm is seeking to address.

They may be trying to capitalise on a commercial opportunity by building in automation with a client to strengthen a relationship, reduce cost or risk by eliminating manual processes or reconciliation activities, meet a regulatory requirement, or, all of the above

By understanding the existing messaging infrastructure of the firm, we can identify and then apply the appropriate best practice approach. This may involve introducing Volante’s architecture to complement the existing infrastructure and migrating legacy tools and architecture, working with our business partners who have specific domain experience, and/or a wholesale introduction of a new approach that will create the foundation of flexibility for future requirements.

We follow a rigorous and comprehensive approach to designing the right solution for clients:


Volante’s approach offers a compelling combination of industry experience and off-the-shelf toolset designed to find the most effective solution to deliver a return on investment as quickly as possible.

The Volante Toolsets

  • Message Flow
  • WebForms
  • Persistence Designer
  • Cartridge Publisher
  • Format Plug-Ins

Volante helps users overcome the traditional hurdles associated with strategic projects including time of development, data latency, and consolidation of crucial information. This approach ensures that our customers benefit from reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased return on investment (ROI). If you face any challenges with the integration, communication and management of data, in supporting data governance, SOAs, data-as-a-service initiatives or other data projects, we are confident that Volante Technology can find a fast and cost effective approach.

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