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Volante enjoys a perfect track record of customer success. With a user base of major financial institutions, exchanges and utilities that stretches around the globe, Volante has never lost a customer due to dissatisfaction with the service or products provided

Volante has a long standing track record in helping a wide range of clients improve their financial message and data integration requirements

A cloud based payments processing and orchestration solution

A global market leader in enterprise software and software-related services chose to partner with Volante to implement VolPay Foundation to streamline and improve on-boarding payments process for banks and corporates through a recently launched secure network.

Integrating Volante into Vendor Solutions case study

Volante’s client is a leading vendor of payment and financial messaging solutions. Part of the product roadmap for one of the company’s solutions was a requirement for a new payments and financial messaging interface to SWIFTNet with associated SWIFT message processing functions.

Stock Exchange case study

Faced with changing market structure from regulation, competition from multiple execution venues and compressed settlement processes, a major stock exchange group sourced a new enterprise architecture that accommodated newly acquired assets and evolving legacy systems.

Corporate treasury case study

When Volante was approached by the treasury of one of the largest corporations in the world to provide the technology for SWIFT message management, Volante recognized an unusual opportunity. While Volante development tools had been used for many payments-related integration projects across the capital markets realm, this was the first time Volante had been invited into a major corporate treasury project.

Regulatory body case study

In 2003, a regulatory body planned to require dealers to report all trades in fixed income securities, both with dealers and with end customers, within 15 minutes of the time of trade. Towards that end, the regulatory body began development of a real-time transaction reporting system.

Migration from IBM WTX to Volante case study

In response to limitations and inefficiencies experienced with IBM WTX, one of the largest global banking groups sought to investigate alternate vendors and selected Volante Technologies as a replacement provider.

Volante Payments Hub case study

Volante was approached by the treasury department of one of the world’s largest corporations to provide the technology for SWIFT message management.

Webforms case study

Volante speeds development of enhanced multi-bank messaging utility to enhance multi-bank messaging utilities communication platform by providing a new web-based message entry, view and repair capability for a leading financial institution.