We work with a wide range of capital markets organisations helping them manage their messaging and data requirements across a wide range of asset classes, including funds.

Firms face challenges in three interlinked yet distinct phases of the trading lifecycle:

Pre-trade – in pulling in and processing real time and historic data from a variety of increasingly fragmented landscape of exchanges, trading venues and vendors, buy and sell side firms need to ensure that the messaging is readily integrated into their order management systems, execution management systems and electronic algorithmic trading tools. Volante easily handles all data translation and integration to ensure that trading decisions can be made with certainty and that the relevant and accurate pricing data is processed.

Trade – throughout the trading process, order handling systems need to process a variety of messages according to the asset classes being traded, such as FIX, XML, FpML, SWIFT and ISO 20022 for funds.

Different firms may use a variation of messages, proprietary message formats or even apply proprietary extensions to industry formats and protocols. Volante’s approach ensures that all data is readily translated and integrated whatever the asset class or venue on which it is traded.

Post-trade – once the trade has been completed, the front office order/execution confirmation or cancellation messages will be sent and processed to the middle and/or back office functions, which may use different message sets or processes. Messages will be sent to the clearing counterparty and others sent on to the settlement depository.

On a post-trade basis, firms will need to manage their corporate actions, matching, reconciliations and exceptions handling as efficiently as possible. Custody instructions and reference data will need to be updated in a timely fashion and transactions and trade will need to be reported in accordance with compliance requirements.

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Any organisation needing to transact and communicate with counterparties and customers whether internally or externally, as a fully automated process or manually, will benefit from Volante’s approach to transaction message management.

Volante can connect FIX to FpML and manage the idiosyncrasies of SWIFT, MT & MX and ISO 20022. Constantly keeping a watching eye on new standards, Volante’s libraries of plug-ins allow rapid compliance with SEPA, FATCA, EPD (European Payments Directive) and any messaging challenge regulation may throw your way.

Nowhere is changing market structure more prevalent than in capital markets. The combination of regulation with the enabling and disruptive capabilities of technology, are changing the operational landscape of trading and financial market interaction.

Volante insulates capital markets firms from the costs and risks of message complexity by providing plug-in components that address all existing and new messaging handling requirements.


Integration of data from disparate sources and formats will be key to meeting the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as corresponding new European regulations for the OTC derivatives market.

With the regulatory framework and reporting standards still evolving, financial institutions are best served by building a flexible framework that will be adaptable to change.

Volante technology is prepared for these challenges with fast, efficient, cost-effective solutions for integration of any financial data format from external sources and internal systems, even proprietary ones.

Market Data

In today’s capital markets, making better trading decisions on shorter timescales is key to successful performance. The newest solution Volante, Streamer, moves streaming market and trade data into trading and analytical engines with the lowest possible latency.

Clocked on a variety of platforms, Volante has delivered microsecond translations from the real-time feed to the processing platforms. There is no new requirement for proprietary platform or additional hardware.

Volante Streamer offers a variety of feed handlers for major sources of streaming real-time data. However, Streamer is not simply a feed handler. With Volante Composer at its core, it is an entire development environment that enables low-latency implementation of broad spectrum of data management processes such as validating, cleansing and filtering data, as well as generating database schema.

Alone, Streamer simplifies and speeds virtually any data translation. In tandem with any event processing engine, high-speed data platform or middleware, Streamer speeds development and implementation of high-value applications to build profit and control risk. Then it enables downstream integration across the enterprise.