Of one thing every financial services organisation can be certain: regulatory change. MiFID II, EMIR, Dodd Frank, SEPA, BASEL III whether imposed by the EC, SEC or domestic country regulator, is set to change the way in which the financial services community conducts its business, across many different functions and many different asset classes.

The key to the success of any organisation will be the ability to anticipate change, to adapt quickly to implement new processes and to take advantage of any competitive edge this may offer. However, it is not always straightforward. Many of the regulations are being worked out and whilst change is inevitable, in what form they will come cannot be necessarily determined. Regulation may create new entities, such as a Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) or Organised Trading Facilities (OTFs). These may create new reporting processes and procedures. Whatever the outcome, new processes will invariably require new communications and instructions which may take on different data message formats. Firms will have to re-tune their existing systems and processes to adapt.

Not if you work with Volante.

Whatever the outcome we will most likely have a ‘plug-in’ or be able to quickly develop one. We can mutualise the cost, minimise the risk and roll out the changes quickly to ensure that our customers are compliant in good time.