BT Radianz Cloud, the world's largest secure networked financial services community, is used by leading brokers, institutions, exchanges and clearing and settlement houses.

Volante has joined forces with BT to strengthen the BT Radianz Cloud service's capability in the rapid and highly functional on-boarding, integration, validation enrichment and processing of financial messages and data to and from applications on the BT Radianz Cloud and beyond.

Volante's software complements BT Radianz Messaging and through Volante's growing library of more than 330 international and domestic standards plugins and transformations, customers will benefit by being able to deal with the diverse, complex and ever expanding mass of data message formats, standards and protocols related to financial transactions, in turn reducing errors and cost while vastly improving straight through processing.

The combination of Volante and BT Radianz Cloud means increased business agility and the speed at which customers can react to business opportunities.

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