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Volante Designer: Simplifying the complexity of financial message and data integration

Volante Designer is a suite of modular software tools capable of handling the most complex data integration and management challenges.

From arrival, through process workflows, downstream integrations, persistence into databases, metadata-based governance, and model-based new development; each component offers a new and better way to address the challenges of data management.

Used by major financial institutions, exchanges and industry utilities around the world, Volante enables users to rapidly build data integration solutions to handle data feeds and applications used by both internal and external counterparties.

Speed is of the essence. Volante Designer brings together simplicity, functionality and speed in a way that no other data management technology can match.

Volante ‘Designer’ defines the workflow of the data processes. It takes into account how information is routed between parties, what the parties seek to do with it, what type of data it is (eg SWIFT, FIX, FpML etc), the source, validity, structure, exceptions processing and how it needs to be transformed to be consumed by other parties or ‘target’ applications. Volante’s user-interface that generates code enables us to build ‘cartridges’ (logic which ultimately generates the code) based upon the models for ‘sources’ or ‘targets’.

Volante provides a comprehensive data management framework, supporting standards and normalisation, data flow and workflow, virtualisation and SOAs, data governance, and model-driven initiatives.