VolPay Foundation:

Accelerated Payments Integration

The digital banking era has placed enormous pressure on the payment integration capabilities of both banks and corporates. Organizations must address the diverse challenges of customer payment channel proliferation; migrations to new XML based message standards, new real time clearing networks, and numerous, varied alternative payment services.

VolPay Foundation addresses these challenges by optimizing the payment integration capabilities of the organization.

The VolPayFoundation platform couples the automation of key activities within the design, build, deployment, and maintenance of payment interfaces with a large and ever expanding list of pre-built payment format plug-ins and payment format transformations, providing a consistent, agile, and functionally rich integration base for all payment systems interfacing.

No matter what payment integration challenge you face, be it implementing a range of new digital payment channels, or embarking on the rollout of an enterprise payments hub, or enabling an existing core system to support new payment streams, VolPay Foundation will reduce the time, cost, and risk of your payments project.