VolPay Hub:

Accelerated Payments Orchestration

There is no financial or corporate institution on the planet that has not been impacted by the dynamism of the digital payments processing age. Whether your organization is a major retail or corporate bank, or a specialized investment or finance house, or a regional or local player in banking or business, your organization, and more importantly, your internal payment processing systems are being asked to cope with constant change, and deliver constant innovation.

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the competition? Are new entrants and disruptors reducing your market share? How are your systems coping with an ever increasing range and diversity of payment channels and payment types? How easy is it for you to take-on and support new customers, new services, and new clearing mechanisms while applying an escalating burden of regulatory checks across an increasing volume of transactions, all to be processed in an ever decreasing window for execution?

It is a major, business critical challenge for all organizations and standing still is going backwards. To survive in this competitive market, internal payment processing infrastructures need to be transformed into efficient, agile, digital payment mechanisms.

VolPay Hub is an application designed to deliver this digital payments process transformation within any organization, large or small. Based on Volante’s proven, innovative integration technology, this centralizing, open, payments orchestration engine simplifies the creation and management of new payment flows from acquisition to delivery.

VolPay Hub accelerates the process of change through a rapid, low risk implementation based on best-in-class integration facilities, pre-built support for an extensive range of payment standards and message transformations, and configurable best practice workflows for lower implementation times and easy, efficient change management.