Working with Volante we have reduced our operational risk, improved service levels, can respond to customers quicker all of which has helped improve our reputation and build our profile.

In financial messaging, Volante is your expert assistant. No need to know about the details of formatting, dictionaries and rules. Volante takes care of all that.

Volante’s Test Message Assistant is an intuitive, business-friendly environment where you can create and validate messages. Volante Test Message Assistant is used today by top-tier financial institutions and utilities for a variety of applications, including testing data messages in development projects.

All you need is the business information and the type of message you want to send – SWIFT, SEPA, FIX, FpML or other standard formats. Fill in a web form and Volante creates the message in the format you need, fully validated for acceptance by the network or application.

Volante’s expertise virtually eliminates the costs, risks and inefficiencies that come from formatting errors.

Would you like to see how it works?

Here on the website, we offer you a test drive on the Volante Test Message Assistant. From our group of sample message types, you can select a message type and enter you own data. If there are errors, Volante helps you repair and validate the message.

If you have already created a message, you can drop it into the WebForm for validation. Volante Test Message Assistant will identify any errors and help you correct them. Even when messages are originated by a software application, you can now easily view or modify them for monitoring or exception handling purposes.